* The purpose of our documentation is to provide a window into the creative process and the interactions within our circle. It keeps the memory of our work together alive and offers a touchstone to revisit later for further reflection by the facilitators, the parents and the children.


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Women are the primary resource of the planet. They give birth, we come from them. They are mothers, they are visionaries, they are the future. If we can figure out how to make women feel safe and honor women, it would be parallel or equal to honoring life itself."

- Eve Ensler

Day One: Like a River Flows

"I would love to live like a river flows,
carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

- John O'Donohue









Shortly after our camp was set up and the girls began to arrive, so did our first critter.  Snake is a Native American totem animal that symbolizes transformation, shedding old skin.  Some of our older Mighty Girls are already transforming from girls into young women.  Snake reminds us that these life changes are safe and there is no need to fear them.  

While waiting for everyone to arrive, some of the girls played with face paint and transformed themselves into Salvadore Dali.

We began the day with our opening ceremony followed by the morning gift. 

Today's morning gift was hair chalk by Style Me Up, inspiring tattoos from Sudara and natural bug repellent from Little Moon Essentials!

Style Me Up is a fashion forward line for creative tweens who thrive on Do-it-Yourself fashion projects, and self expression.  Thank you, Style Me Up, for your generosity and support!!!

 Little Moon Essentials is known for their 100% natural Earth-honoring products and life-altering remedies.  Thank you, Little Moon Essentials, for your generosity and support!

Sudara founder Shannon Keith took a trip to India that opened her eyes to a tragedy occurring daily to women and girls throughout the country.  Sudarra is a sewing center partnership that provides hundreds of women a safe place to work and heal.  Thank you, Sudara, for your generosity and support!!!

On the first day we always begin prepping our art journals.  The art journal is the foundation project for our work together and it's a whole lot of fun.  It's also a wonderful tool for introspection and self expression.

While our journals dried in the sun, we took a snack break then went for a nature walk to look for stones to use in our secondary project.

Riverstone Talisman:  In some indigenous traditions, people use small stones to bridge the connection from earth to spirit.  For instance if a person was in need of strength, they might travel to a sacred mountain, find a special stone, then carry it back as a companion and token of strength.  River is a symbol for the creative power of nature and the flow of time.

Once again, I am blessed to hold presence for an extraordinary group of girls.  They have no idea what projects we'll be doing, and yet they trust they will have fun. Often there are new skills to be learned, but they dive right in fearlessly.  They ask questions and are not afraid to ask for help.  They are patient with each other and patient with themselves.

More fun tomorrow!

Made so & rooted by love,

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