* The purpose of our documentation is to provide a window into the creative process and the interactions within our circle. It keeps the memory of our work together alive and offers a touchstone to revisit later for further reflection by the facilitators, the parents and the children.


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Women are the primary resource of the planet. They give birth, we come from them. They are mothers, they are visionaries, they are the future. If we can figure out how to make women feel safe and honor women, it would be parallel or equal to honoring life itself."

- Eve Ensler

Day Three: The Great Circle

"Never hurry through the world
but walk slowly, and bow often.
Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, “Stay awhile.” The light flows from their branches.
And they call again, “It’s simple,”
they say, “and you, too, have come
into the world to do this, to go easy,
to be filled with light, and to shine.” - Mary Oliver

Early this morning, the grass in the meadow was still wet from last night's rain.

The girls started to arrive and began adorning themselves with body paint.

Today's morning gifts came from LUSH and Persephenie!!!

Persephenie is a body care line that uses fresh ingredients meticulously crafted in small batches by the hands of the beautiful and brilliant Persephenie Schnyder. 

Thank you, Persephenie, for your generosity and support!!!!

LUSH makes bath and body products from organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.  Lush sources their ingredients only from companies that do not conduct or commission tests on animals.  Their products are fresh and handmade, using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients.

Thank you, LUSH, for your generosity and support!!!

After morning gifts, we got back to work on our art journals.  The girls explored mono printing directly into their journals with Gel printing plates.

The gel plates were donated by Gelli Arts!   You can purchase your very own gel plate on their site  - and you will want to because they are super fun and extremely versatile!

Thank you, Gelli Arts, for your generosity and support!

While the journals dried in the sun, we took a break and ate snacks.

Mr. Toad hopped by for a visit and the girls decided that he must be our "totem du jour".  So here it goes - the name amphibian means two lives - they begin their lives in water before transitioning to land.  Toad reminds us of the distinct stages we go through in our lifetime.

We decided to begin our secondary project.

Power Bracelets:  Our bracelets are an unbroken circle, a symbol of wholeness and unity.   

The history of bracelets is as old as 5000 BCE.  Made of materials like bones, stones and woods, they served religious and spiritual interests.

The girls painted wooden bracelets and when they dry, they will add inspiring words or quotes.

Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle. The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. The sun comes forth and goes down again in a circle. The moon does the same and both are round. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves. Our tepees were round like the nests of birds, and these were always set in a circle, the nation's hoop.  - Black Elk (Black Elk Speaks, 1961)

The bracelets were a gift from the generous folks at DIY Bangles.  DIY Bangles is a pioneer in unfinished wood bangles made from high quality tropical hardwood.  Thank you, DIY Bangles, for your generosity and support!!!

We all agreed that it was time to go to into the forest and cool off in the creek before taking down the tipi.

Refreshed from Mother Earth, the girls helped close up camp for the day. 

I had a special request for a certain we shall do that one tomorrow!

Made so & rooted by love,

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