* The purpose of our documentation is to provide a window into the creative process and the interactions within our circle. It keeps the memory of our work together alive and offers a touchstone to revisit later for further reflection by the facilitators, the parents and the children.


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Women are the primary resource of the planet. They give birth, we come from them. They are mothers, they are visionaries, they are the future. If we can figure out how to make women feel safe and honor women, it would be parallel or equal to honoring life itself."

- Eve Ensler

Mighty Inspiring: You Are Not Alone

"Even when the dark comes crashing through, and when you need a friend to carry you, when you're broken on the ground you will be found." - Dear Evan Hansen

I want to tell you about a special project launched by one of my original Mighty Girls.  Her name is Chloe and you may remember her from camp many years ago, or from our e-course, or Maker Faire, or more recently when she came back as an alumni to intern for summer camp.

Chloe is 15 years old and a student at SLHS. She has created a support site for people living with anxiety and depression.  Its called Project Sky.  I decided to interview her and let her tell you about it in her own words.

Please check out her project and cheer her on.  While you're there, grab one of her self-designed shirts.  All of the proceeds go to support Mental Health America, the nation's leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness.

Wendy:  What inspired you to start Project Sky?

Chloe :  In March, I saw the show Dear Evan Hansen on broadway. The show was absolutely amazing and really put a light on Anxiety and other Mental Illnesses (like depression) and gave the whole message that you are not alone and that you will be found. After seeing it I was obsessed. I loved every message it gave us. And I almost didn’t go because of my own anxiety. Then I heard about the middle years project. They said we’d be spending a lot of time on this so, we better pick something we like. Immediately I knew it was going to be something DEH related. So I created Project Sky, inspired by the show and more specifically the Connor Project which was an organization made in the show to show everyone they matter and aren’t alone. I wanted to help people, Mental illness is so overlooked and it’s very easy for them to feel alone. I wanted to provide some light in their life. I see it as everyone goes through tunnels some are longer and shorter than others, but no matter what there is a light at the end of each tunnel. I want to help power everyone’s flashlight. 

Wendy:  That's so beautiful!  What is the target audience age range for blue sky?

Chloe:  Project Sky is for everyone. Everyone deserves to know they aren’t alone. Everyone deserves some light in their life! 

Wendy:  You mentioned that you also experience anxiety.  Can you share a personal experience and what you found most helpful in working thru that moment?

Chloe:  Well I have had Anxiety for a while and it has definitely gotten easier. Like my grandma says “time heals all wounds” things get easier through time. Also knowing I wasn’t alone, and that I had people around me who cared about me. I created Project Sky because I want to show people that things can get easier and they will and that they are not alone no matter what.

Wendy:  What is the something you can do to be a flashlight for someone who is feeling the anxiety tunnel?  What is something you shouldn’t do?

Chloe:  To help power a flashlight, let the other person know that you are there for them and offer help and a safe space. Letting them know they aren’t alone can mean the world to someone. Don’t make them seem like they don’t matter and that their situation is small and doesn’t need attention. Try to understand as much as possible but it can be very hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes in a situation when you haven’t felt that was yourself.

Thank you, Chloe, for using your gifts to make a difference in our world!

Announcement: Registration for Mighty Girl Art™ Summer 2018 is now open!

Let the wild rumpus staaaart!  Registration for the Summer 2018 session is OPEN!

The Summer Session is held in a 30ft tipi located in a scenic meadow.  There we celebrate ourselves as vibrant creative souls by exploring a variety of mediums as tools for self expression.  We enhance this experience with the use of soulful prompts, evocative music and inspiring atmosphere.  We have 12 seats available.  Classes are small to insure individualized attention, and foster a sense of connection, therefore we fill up rather quickly.  If we are full before you've had a chance to register, please contact us so that your daughter can be placed on our waiting list.

Registration for Summer 2018 is NOW OPEN!

The dates are Aug 6th - 10th!
( 9am - 12pm)

Tuition is $175  *Art supplies included.

Registration button and forms are now located on our main site.

Click here to register!

Please note...

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information:

Parents must check in Mighty Girls at at the meadow each day by 9:00 a.m. sharp and pick up Mighty Girls at Noon.  We start on time and late arrival cuts into your daughter's valuable creative time!  In the event of stormy weather, drop of and pick-up location will be at the art studio.  Detailed information regarding parking / location will be sent via email welcome letter the week before camp starts.

Camp Forms:   Registration forms are due by July 18th.  Failure to submit these forms will result in the forfeiture of your daughter's space.  The space will be offered to a child on the waiting list.  Parents need to submit one set of forms per child. 

Cancellation / Refund Policy:  Request must be received 30 days prior to the session start date to receive a full refund of tuition and enable us adequate time to fill that space.  Cancellations received after deadline will receive a 50% refund to help defray the cost of supplies purchased for your child. 

Attire:  We are making art and that can get messy so please dress accordingly.  We also take nature walks so wear shoes that can get wet.  Please make sure your daughter is dressed in clothes and footwear that can get wet a/o dirty.  Wear insect repellent and sunscreen. 

Bring:  A bottle of water and a snack.  Bring your creative, adventurous heart!

We are pleased to announce that Mighty Girl Art was named BEST summer camp in Northern Virginia!  Please look for us in the March issue of Northern Virginia Magazine!

Exciting Announcement!!!

Hello, dear hearts! Gather your friends and their daughters because my friend Erin Fairlight​ is teaching a mother/daughter herbal medicine class on January 20th!!! You DON'T want to miss this!  The workshop is $40 per mother/daughter team and supplies are included!

As I state on my site, in ancient times women gathered and elders shared their wisdom, skills and craft with younger generations. When women gather, they are given an opportunity to discover who they are and who they can become. If we create more meaningful practices and opportunities to gather, we can enrich our lives with creativity, intuition, and wisdom.

Erin will be now offering seasonal herbal medicine teachings to Mighty Girls and their moms. I'm elated that she will be taking your daughters under her glorious wings.

Registration is open now.  Please visit her site for details and to reserve a spot for you and your daughter!

Made so & rooted by love,

Week 4 : Winter is the best time

Winter is the best time
to find out who you are.

Quiet, contemplation time,
away from the rushing world,

- David Burbill

This morning was blustery!  Even the winter birds were hunkered down in their nests.  The girls arrived and settled in with a cup of hot cocoa.  Mighty S brought some of her paintings to show the group.

The last project of our 2017 wintry workshop was a loom knit scarf.  A perfect project for a cold and blustery day.  The girls picked out a skein of yarn that they liked and we talked a bit about how to use the loom.  The zippy loom is a terrific tool for making quick and easy scarves and blankets with bulky yarn.  With a little practice you can make a scarf in 15-20 minutes.  At that rate you could easily make a basket full of scarves and give them to a homeless shelter ( holiday hint ).  

Zippy looms can be purchased at Michaels or any local craft store.  We used this chunky Boho yarn as well as Isaac Mizrahi wool blend skeins! 

*There are LOTS of tutorial videos on the Zippy site if you forget how to make to make the scarf!

Mighty N, stepped outside in the fresh brisk air to knit for a spell and she looked so lovely with that wintry light illuminating the edges of her hair.  I asked her permission to capture the beauty of that moment and she agreed.  I'm so glad.  One of the great joys for me during Mighty Girl Art is getting to witness these luminous souls being themselves.  And they are all so wonderful and have their own unique gifts.  

As you can see, the girls did an outstanding job on their scarves!

After we finished the scarves we launched wishes for a new season using flying wish paper and afterwards we made s'mores.  Due to the wind advisory we were unable to have a bonfire, so we got creative and roasted our marshmallows over candles.  We even had a little extra time to get inked.

Have a great winter, mighty ones!!!  It was a joy creating with all of you.  You all did an fabulous job on your projects.  Thank you all for blessing me with the gift of yourselves!

Until we meet again....

Made so & rooted by love,

PS-  As you know we are approaching the cold and flu season.  As such, my dear friend Erin Fairlight will be teaching a Mother & Daughter herbal medicine class on January 20th at 2pm.  You will learn how to make your own natural remedies for self care.  The cost is $40 for a mother/daughter team and the supplies are included.  Please don't miss out on this wonderful experience.  Registration is open now!!!

Week 3 : Happiness

“Happiness, not in another place but this place...
not for another hour, but this hour.” ― Walt Whitman 

The morning began below freezing.  There was ice in the boot tray when I went outside to hang the giant paper snowflake that marks the trail to the studio.  I received a text from  Mighty E which read:

"It's below freezing are we still going for a hike?"



The girls arrived and began filling their mugs with hot cocoa.  We warmed up and chatted about our week.  Mighty A wrote a beautiful entry in her journal that are wise words for all to remember.

Our plan was to take our hike first then come back and work on our projects.  We crossed the stone bridge in search of a patch of princess pine to place inside our ornaments.   Lycopodium obscurum, also called rare clubmoss, is a native plant and grows in the understory of the forest.  They look like miniature trees for fairy folk.  They are ancient plants and I was told that they are prehistoric, but of this I'm not certain.

We stopped to take a group photo atop the big boulders, before making our way off trail in search of a fallen tree to cross.  The tree was a bit high above the creek and somewhat challenging for those afraid of heights, but they did it.  It can be invigorating to push past our comfort zones and land safely on the other side.

Our second project was origami lucky stars to fill our second ornament.  Wishes were written onto strips of paper and folded into stars before slipping them into the ornament.  These are tricky to make at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy.  Here is a video tutorial to help you remember if you decide to make more at home.

Our last project of the morning was a simple and really cool pendant that incorporates the spring from a wooden clothespin.  When I measured the gauge of the chain, I didn't realize that clothespin springs come in different sizes and I measured for a spring that was larger than the others so the chain would not slide through.  These super creative girls decided to improvise.

 ( On Monday I went to several different stores on a quest to find the larger spring clothespins and found them at Target.  The girls can switch them out and slide the pendant directly on the chain next week. )

We celebrated the rain free morning with a fire and s'mores.

After class I drove to Maryland for the Owl Moon Raptor Festival.  I have to say I've never seen so many owls up close and in one place before, including species I have never seen in person.  I was pleased to see three mighty girls there also.  Mighty S, brought her sketchbook and sketched many of the raptors.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday for our last class of the Wintry Workshop!

Made so & rooted by love,

Week Two: Soft Rain

and the soft rain—
imagine! imagine!
the wild and wondrous journeys
still to be ours.  - Mary Oliver

It was another rainy morn, but the glow of the little house lanterns was enchanting as I set up our work table.

When the girls arrived they helped themselves to hot cocoa in their self-designed mugs.  Mighty S brought a wondrous surprise to show the group.  While hiking recently, she found a fox skull.  Her mighty mom took it home and cleaned it.  Mighty S brought part of the lower jaw and passed it around.  She also found a peacock feather at the zoo.  We marveled over these magical objects.

Our project for today was Safety Pin Bracelets.  We've made these in the past, but I received a request to make them again.  They are simple and fun to make.  We talked briefly about color combining, then the girls dove right in and began creating.

The girls enjoyed this project and since it was raining, we decided to skip our nature walk and S'mores so that they could make another bracelet.

*We used acrylic beads because glass beads, while lovely, make the bracelets qute heavy.  I purchased the beads from BeadTin because they have a wonderful selection of colors that I can't find anywhere else.

While we worked on our project, we listened to some really cool Ukranian folk music DakhaBrakha who will be performing at Reston Community Center Theater on Nov. 26th. 

Lastly, you might be interested to know that if the rain clears up there will be a magical lantern walk this evening sponsored by Mt. Pleasant Puppet Hour!  It's super enchanting.

Dear Mighty Girls,

You did an amazing job on your bracelets!  I hope that next week we'll be able to take a hike and enjoy a fire.  Until then, have a great week and I'll see you Sunday!

Made so & rooted by love,