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By Special Request : Strings of Light DIY

"This dance of light,
this sacred blessing.." - Rumi

Yesterday, when I posted a pic of the new string lights that I made for the studio, I received several private messages asking me for a tutorial.  It never occurred to me to write a tutorial for this project so I did not photograph the steps, but it's simple enough to explain.  SO here it goes...

A couple of years ago, I saw this photo in a German mag "Living at Home".
I saved the photo and immediately went on the qui vive for tiny lamp shades.

This was no small feat since there is only one thrift store where I now reside.  Nevertheless, I found a few here and there and tucked them away in the "to-do" basket in my studio.

Two days ago I realized that I finally had the ten tiny shades to make the strand and here's what happened...

  • I covered 1 shade with an old map of NY.
  • I covered one shade with vintage wallpaper.
  • I painted 5 of the shades.
  • I left 2 shades as is.
  • I added fringe to all shades with a hot glue gun.

    Here's how to cover a shade! 
  • I used these string lights because it's what I had on hand and didn't want to buy a new strand.
    It's a standard strand of 10 bulbs, but there is a round plastic globe that slides over the light bulb, giving it the look of those large glass bulb strands.  When I originally bought them I tucked them into my to-do basket and knew they would be perfect for the studio - because the globes have a sprinkle of glitter melted into the plastic - and kids love glitter.  It's subtle, yet funky.  
  • I popped the little globe off and slid the lamp shade on, tucking the wire in between the opening in the brass clip on part.  Take a look at one, you'll see what I'm talking about.  If it's the brass ring type, you can always snip an opening in the ring with wire cutters to slide the wire in.
  • Then I just popped the little globe back over the bulb so that it sits inside the brass clip-on part like an actual light bulb would sit.

    It really IS that easy!!!

    Made so & rooted by love,

    PS- The Summer Session of Mighty Girl Art starts Monday...stay tuned for our letters from camp!

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