* The purpose of our documentation is to provide a window into the creative process and the interactions within our circle. It keeps the memory of our work together alive and offers a touchstone to revisit later for further reflection by the facilitators, the parents and the children.


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Women are the primary resource of the planet. They give birth, we come from them. They are mothers, they are visionaries, they are the future. If we can figure out how to make women feel safe and honor women, it would be parallel or equal to honoring life itself."

- Eve Ensler

Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies

"Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred." - Hafez

Dear Mighty Girls,

This weekend I will be participation in my friend Pixie Campbell's Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies and you too can be a part of this wonderful event!

Those of you who attended the Wintry Session of Mighty Girl Art™ may recall the Releasing Ceremony we performed on our last day. Those of you who attended the Summer Session of Mighty Girl Art™ have had the joy of connecting with Pixie on the phone and are already familiar with her awesomeness.

On Saturday, family and friends of many faiths and cultures will be gathering in my home for our 4th annual Winter Solstice Party. We will be offering the bundle supplies for guests who wish to participate. You too may gather your friends and family and hold a Releasing Ceremony of your own.

When trees are pruned of weak, diseased, or dying branches, it enables the tree to produce healthy, strong branches so it can flower and bear fruit. So too, when we release what is no longer working for us, what is no longer serving us or the greater good, we are making room in our lives for growth. We enable our lives to flourish. I like this sooo much better than traditional New Year's Resolutions.

Lets release the party poopers like fear, hurt, worry and open the door for more welcome guests like courage, healing, confidence.

Everything you need to know is right here...

some inspiration below (don't forget to turn off the music player in the sidebar before playing the video)...

some instructions!

Wishing you & your family a happy holiday season,

"May you awaken to the mystery of being here...

May you have joy and peace in the temple of your senses.

May you respond to the call of your gift and find the courage to follow its path.

May you take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder. "

- John O'Donohue

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Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. - Henry James